21 November 2022
        Melikgazi Municipality will start the construction of Hisar Mosque in Anbar 19 Mayıs Neighbourhood with charitable cooperation.

        Melikgazi Mayor Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu, who said that they will bring a new place of worship to Melikgazi, said, "We continue to bring many projects and new facilities to Melikgazi.We build a health centre, social facility, school, mosque, Quran course. We have made our tender in an area where our citizens are in need and where it is necessary at the moment in the 19 Mayıs Neighbourhood, and the construction will begin. It is very nice that our mosques, which are the cornerstone of religious education, are supported. Kayseri is very lucky in this regard, mashallah. Our mosques are our unity, our vitality. The culture of philanthropy is very common in Kayseri. Wherever you look, it is a charity service. We work towards the needs where there is a need. We will soon lay the foundation of our mosque, which has an investment value of 7 million 500 thousand TL.I wish him well for the people of Anbar and our district."

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