19 November 2022

     Melikgazi Mayor Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu visited the recently opened Köşk Akıl Küpü Library and chatted with young people.

    Stating that it is one of the most important tasks for young people to carry them to the future in the most beautiful way, Dr. Palancıoğlu said, "We are in our Köşk Akıl Küpü Library. We built eight libraries for our young people in Melikgazi. They were well loved. Mashallah, every library is packed. Starting from İldem to Danışment, we built libraries in many of our neighbourhoods. We will increase these numbers gradually. Young people come here to study their lessons and prepare for their exams. In the café section, they can rest and drink their tea. Each of our libraries attracts makes us happier. This century is the century of youth, the century of education. As Melikgazi Municipality, we are increasing the number of these libraries in order to prepare our young people for a better future. Our libraries open early in the morning and stay open until late in the evening. If we have students who want it, it will stay open 24 hours a day. May Allah bless the future of our young people brightly and beautifully. We will continue to support our young people in every way."

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