10 June 2024

Melikgazi Municipality is adding a new Quran Course to the district.

The protocol for the Ahmet and Şerife Özenç Quran Course, which will be realized in cooperation with Melikgazi Municipality and the philanthropic Özyürek family, has been signed in Aydınlıkevler Neighbourhood.

The protocol for the "Ahmet-Şerife Özenç Quran Course," to be established in Aydınlıkevler Neighbourhood, was signed with the participation of Melikgazi District Governor Bülent Karacan, Melikgazi Mayor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu, Melikgazi District Mufti Dr. Emrah Kandemir, and the philanthropic Özyürek family.

Melikgazi Mayor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu, who serves the district with Quran Courses where citizens can both receive religious education and socialize, stated, 'We thank the philanthropic Özyürek family. We have just signed the protocol for the construction of a beautiful Quran Course. Together with our District Governorship, Melikgazi Municipality, District Mufti, and our philanthropist, we will work to realize this investment. Currently, there is a small and old Quran Course in the area where Iyiler Mosque is located. By renovating it, we will have a larger, more responsive Quran Course. The Özyürek family also wanted to contribute to this cause. I thank Ahmet Bey, Fikret Bey, and the Özyürek family. May it be auspicious.'
Stressing that Kayseri is a place where people race to do well rather than being just a city of philanthropists, Melikgazi District Governor Bülent Karacan expressed his gratitude to Ahmet brother for facilitating a noble deed. He stated, "We always say that Kayseri is not just the city of philanthropists but a city where people compete in goodness. Our people truly compete in doing good, thinking about what more they can do to contribute. They supported and assisted in establishing a beautiful Quran Course. With the resources of our Municipality and the contributions of our Mufti, a wonderful project is being realized. May Allah accept their good deeds. Allah gives wealth to everyone, but not everyone gets the opportunity to do well. I thank them for this beautiful deed."

Melikgazi District Mufti Dr. Emrah Kandemir expressed his hope that the Quran Course to be established would be beneficial. He said, "With the leadership of Melikgazi District Governorship, Melikgazi Municipality, our Mayor, and our esteemed District Governor, along with the contributions of our District Mufti, we are planning to build a Quran Course next to Iyiler Mosque in collaboration with our philanthropic citizens. There was indeed a need in that area. We presented it to our Mayor under the guidance of our District Governor. We are establishing a beautiful facility that will meet the needs of the area, focusing on children aged 4-6 years and also contributing to youth services. On behalf of our Mufti's Office, I thank our District Governor, our Mayor, our philanthropist, and wish that it brings goodness."

Expressing his wish for the Ahmet-Şerife Özenç Quran Course, which will be established in collaboration between Melikgazi Municipality and Melikgazi Mufti's Office, philanthropist Fikret Özyürek conveyed his gratitude to everyone involved.

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