11 June 2024
Continuing its urban renewal efforts to create safe and peaceful homes throughout the district, Melikgazi Municipality has initiated its first urban renewal project in Aydınlıkevler Neighbourhood.

Commencing the demolition of five deteriorated structures in the transformation area, Melikgazi Municipality is swiftly advancing its efforts to construct modern, sturdy, and comfortable residences along with shops in the area.

Melikgazi Municipality continues its urban renewal efforts successfully in the district. Adding Aydınlıkevler Neighbourhood to the ongoing projects in Anbar, Kazım Karabekir, Battalgazi, and Yıldırım Beyazıt neighbourhoods, the aim is to transform old structures in the city centre into modern, sturdy, and comfortable buildings. In Aydınlıkevler Neighbourhood, formerly known as Çorakçılar, five dilapidated blocks are being demolished to make way for the construction of two residential blocks and shops.

Conducting inspections in the area, Melikgazi Mayor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu stated, 'Our first urban renewal project has commenced in Aydınlıkevler Neighbourhood, formerly Çorakçılar. It's a project we've been diligently working on for some time now. We're initiating the first urban renewal in this area through municipal efforts. By demolishing the vacant five blocks one by one, we aim to create a beautiful transformation with two blocks. May it be auspicious. Melikgazi Municipality is actively engaged in urban renewal in various regions including Anbar, Kazım Karabekir, Küçükali-Battalgazi, and Yıldırım Beyazıt. Here, we are stepping into areas where rejuvenating old structures through the private sector is challenging. It is approximately a region with 100 shareholders, and we have reached agreements with 95% of them. We are in the process of finalizing agreements with the remaining shareholders. Demolition has already begun. After demolition, we will proceed with the tendering process. Formerly known as Çorakçılar and now as Aydınlıkevler Neighbourhood, we are adding new residences to our community. May the Almighty enable us to complete this endeavour smoothly and allow our citizens to reside peacefully.'

Aydınlıkevler Neighbourhood Headman Mustafa Uysal also expressed his gratitude, saying, 'Our Mayor showed great sensitivity and put in a lot of effort after our urban renewal request. He never remained indifferent to both the modernization of this neighbourhood and other issues. I thank our Mayor Mustafa Palancıoğlu for his sensitivity and efforts.'

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