12 June 2024

Melikgazi Municipality, in collaboration with the Beetle Kayseri Association, will organize a colorful event between July 12th and 15th, with the participation of around 200 Beetles and 600 people. 

Mayor of Melikgazi, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu, stated that hundreds of guests will be hosted in Kayseri with the colorful event to be held in Melikgazi. He said, 'This summer, together, we will sign a new event in Melikgazi. So far, Melikgazi Municipality has organized many events. Hopefully, we will continue to organize new events in the future. We have very cute cars, we have Beetles. This summer, between July 12th and 15th, we are organizing a beautiful event in Kayseri.' We will gather Beetle enthusiasts from all over Turkey here. They will organize a scouting camp. We will also host our guests here. Increasing tourism in Kayseri is extremely important, and it is crucial for the traders to be happy. We need to prevent young people from getting into wrong things, help them gain hobbies; increase their interest in music, sports, and classic cars. With the support of our esteemed Governor Gökmen Çiçek, this year, we will host approximately 600 people along with around 200 Beetles in Kayseri. I wanted to share this good news with you. Kayseri will be colourful in July. We will celebrate with Beetle enthusiasts. Our aim is to make Kayseri host various different, colourful events. Due to austerity measures, all our efforts will be carried out without spending any money. We will only set up a camp, where various gatherings will take place. Our philanthropists will provide support. Our traders will be happy. We will organize a beautiful event here. I wish everyone the best. In July, we will all witness a different event together. We invite all our citizens."

Head of  Vosvos Kayseri  Ömer Mardinlioğlu, thanking Mayor Palancıoğlu, said, "Dear Mayor, first of all, we thank you very much for your support. We will organize an event worthy of our city. As Kayseri, we want to warmly welcome all of Turkey to our city. I thank everyone.

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