12 June 2024
The Melikgazi Municipality Hüseyin-Kadriye Güner Middle School, realized through the collaboration of Melikgazi Municipality and a philanthropic individual, was inaugurated with a ceremony held in Tavlusun Neighbourhood. 

Mayor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu, who has become synonymous with record-breaking services in the field of education in Melikgazi, stated, 'We are inaugurating the school built in memory of Saffer Arslan's late partner, Hüseyin, and his esteemed wife, Kadriye. In fact, the school has been open and operational for a while now, having started the educational season earlier, but today we are fortunate to have its official opening. We are inaugurating this beautiful school in our Tavlusun Neighbourhood.'
We, together with our philanthropists, have realized the construction of this school. After our school was completed, a philanthropist named Sabiha Özer expressed her wish to build a library. May the Almighty grant us the opportunity to continue to carry out many beautiful services in unity and solidarity. Hand in hand with our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Provincial and District Presidents, council members, and neighbourhood heads, we strive to meet the needs of our district. In this regard, Melikgazi Municipality serves a population of 600,000. We are a municipality that holds the record for the 'most' schools, health centres, libraries, and parks built in Türkiye. I hope that we will continue to set these records, and after the holiday, we will lay the foundation for another school. We will not let anyone take away our record of schools.
Young people are important to us. I thank our parents. Their influence is significant in preparing our children for the future. By building facilities like these, schools, and libraries, we strive to prepare young people for the future in the best possible way. Our President has a goal of a great and powerful Türkiye. If we want to achieve this, we need to raise many Selçuk Bayraktars. In this regard, our philanthropists support us. Hopefully, this support will continue. Congratulations.
Philanthropist Saffet Arslan, who stated that they will also provide a sports field for the area, said, "Our educational institution, which we are currently inaugurating, was led and guided by our esteemed Mayor of Melikgazi, Mr. Mustafa Palancıoğlu. I follow from the media, and the importance given to education in Melikgazi is immense, especially by Mayor Palancıoğlu. Education itself is crucial. He is spreading it widely by giving it its due. We are adding a link to that chain. If we want a significant and great Türkiye tomorrow, the most important path is through a good education. We will also build a sports field for the youth of this neighbourhood. Congratulations."
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç remarked, "I congratulate our philanthropist, our esteemed Mayor Palancıoğlu, and his team. We are opening our school as a classic tradition of Melikgazi Municipality. Once again, we are leaving our mark on education. It is essential for our beautiful district, which is the largest metropolitan district in Kayseri and a source of pride for Türkiye with its young population, to become educated and equipped with our youth. Our Mayor of Melikgazi and our philanthropist are making efforts to ensure that our youth receive education in a wholesome environment. This beautiful and meaningful work that has been done is auspicious and blessed."
Expressing his admiration for the architecture of the school, Governor of Kayseri, Gökmen Çiçek, stated, "I would like to express how magnificent the school is. It reflects the splendour of Seljuk architecture. While Melikgazi Municipality contributes to education in our province with schools built in collaboration with philanthropists, they are also pioneering with their aesthetic projects, opening up new avenues for us. They are setting a separate precedent. May it be auspicious and blessed.
The opening ceremony concluded with a prayer after the presentation of flowers and a model.

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