16 May 2022

          The Mayor of Melikgazi is Dr. Mustafa Palancioglu said that as Melikgazi Municipality, they continue to bring together children's movies with their lovers within the scope of the 'Children's Movie Days' and ’Book from You Movie Ticket from Us’ campaign.

           He said that they are organizing ’Children's Movie Days’ for children to have fun and socialize with their hearts. Palancioglu; "We care about investments in education and young people, different and fun activities. I hope we have projects that are more similar in order for our children to develop socially, culturally, sportively and in many areas, to develop themselves and to have a more social personality. This week we brought the Wall-E movie together with our children. Children are getting free movie tickets by donating their books with our ’Book from You Movie Ticket from Us' campaign. Every investment made in our children is an investment in the future. I would also like to thank our families who participated in our event. We will continue to bring our children to the cinema with film screenings in our Melikgazi. Sunday June 19, we will present the animated film 'Look Up' with our children. We are waiting for all our children who want to watch movies." said.

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